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Matahari Collaborates with Bumilangit to Present Local Superhero Fashion Collection Across Indonesia

03 August 2023
Corporate Communications
Matahari Collaborates with Bumilangit to Present Local Superhero Fashion Collection Across Indonesia
  • The first collaboration between the largest retail company and the biggest IP company in the country, to celebrate Indonesia's independence.
  • Introducing Patriot (Godam, Gundala, Aquanus, Maza, and Sri Asih) and Virgo and The Sparklings in 100+ Matahari stores nationwide.

Matahari (Company; stock code: LPPF), a leading fashion, footwear, beauty, and lifestyle retail company in Indonesia, proudly announces its collaboration with Bumilangit, the largest Intellectual Property management company of legendary Indonesian comic characters in Asia.

This collaboration is part of Matahari's "Si Paling Indonesia" campaign, aiming to celebrate Indonesia's independence month and provide a platform for local superheroes, symbolizing the spirit of Indonesian nationalism and patriotism.

Matahari and Bumilangit have joined forces to present a series of fashion collections for men, women, and children. Through this collection, Matahari and Bumilangit also invite the Indonesian community to shop and support authentic Indonesian brands.

Rachel Stack, Chief Merchandising Officer of Matahari, stated, "Indonesia is rich in creativity and cultural diversity. This collaboration between Matahari and Bumilangit is fueled by local pride, as we share a vision and commitment to enhance Indonesians' affection for local superheroes and create opportunities for local creators to be better known and loved by the Indonesian people. Through the fashion products available in hundreds of Matahari stores throughout the archipelago, we hope consumers can easily access these local superhero clothing."

This collaboration is a long-term partnership aimed at developing affordable clothing collections that resonate with the Indonesian people's tastes. All collections will maintain the essence of Indonesian culture, depicting a strong national identity. In the first batch of this collection, casual clothing such as T-shirts and outerwears are chosen to celebrate Indonesia's independence month, featuring a red-and-white theme, the symbol of Indonesian nationalism and patriotism.

Bismarka Kurniawan, CEO of Bumilangit Entertainment, said, "Collaborating with Matahari as the largest retail chain in Indonesia is a fantastic opportunity as local superheroes will appear in casual designs that suit Indonesian preferences. Given the widespread presence of hundreds of Matahari stores throughout Indonesia, the public will find it significantly more accessible to engage with these beloved local superhero characters. We hope this collaboration can create an emotional connection between the people and the heroic characters that are an integral part of Indonesian culture."

This collection is also targeted towards the younger market segment, as it is essential to build awareness and interest among the younger generation for local superheroes. By featuring characters loved by the youth, this collaboration aims to embrace the next generation to get to know and love Indonesia's cultural heritage, especially its superheroes.

In this first batch, two superhero groups are presented: Patriot as well as Virgo and The Sparklings. Patriot includes popular characters like Godam, Gundala, Aquanus, Maza, and Sri Asih, representing Indonesian heroes in the men's and kids' apparel collections. Meanwhile, the Virgo and The Sparklings are featured in the ladies' apparel collection.

This collection is available in 28 variants (27 T-shirts and 1 outerwear) with prices ranging from IDR 99,000 to IDR 139,000 and is offered at a special promotional price of Rp 78,000 during August in celebration of Indonesia's independence. Matahari will distribute this collection in over 100 retail stores across Indonesia to ensure wide availability for the Indonesian community.

This collaboration is expected not only to set fashion trends but also to bring positive social impact. By supporting local superheroes, Matahari aims to reintroduce Indonesian people to fashion with an emphasis on local superheroes, amidst the prevailing wave of global superhero fashion products.

Matahari and Bumilangit invite everyone to welcome this collaboration with enthusiasm, to strengthen local spirit and pride in Indonesia's creative potential. Together, let's support and love our local superheroes while celebrating our unique and diverse national identity.