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Grow With Us

Our Talent Capability​

We believe that people in our organization have the capability and competence in their respective fields. Therefore, we are committed to continuing to develop their competencies consistently so that these talents will grow together with us towards mutual success.

We do this by providing you:​

  • Career Development Program.​
    • We commit in life-long learning and development of all our employees, so they can perform at their peak and as great leaders; inspire their teams.
    • Our Career Development Program is specially design to prepare future leaders of Matahari in all over Indonesia.
  • Individual Development Program​
    • Matahari helps to identify and enhance each person's skills to increase their potential, as well as improve their current performance by managing the Individual Development Program. We seek to develop a better understanding of the professional goals, strengths and development needs of our employees.
  • E-Learning​
    • We support Self-Learning Culture by giving our people access to our learning platform; MILEA (Matahari Integrated Learning) where they can learn new skills and complete training to further their professional development.
  • Sharing Knowledge​
    • We do Knowledge Sharing Activities as one of our supports for people to get different insights from experts outside our organization.​