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Matahari Unveils New Private Label Brand, SUKO, Redefining Retail Experience

19 October 2023
Corporate Communications
Matahari Unveils New Private Label Brand, SUKO, Redefining Retail Experience

Matahari ("Company"; stock code: "LPPF") a prominent fashion, footwear, beauty, and lifestyle retail establishment in Indonesia is thrilled to announce the launch of its exclusive private label brand, SUKO. With the introduction of SUKO, Matahari is embarking on a journey to reshape the retail landscape and offer customers an unparalleled shopping experience that blends comfort, style, and quality.


Inspired by the concept of simple minimalism and basic fashion that prioritizes comfort with a selection of stylish collections, SUKO is ready to become part of the daily life and habits of the Indonesian people. The initial collection, ranging from Men's & Women's Shirts, pants, T-shirts, outerwear, dresses and accessories comes with prices between IDR 129,000 to IDR 499,000. The brand's signature features involve a soft and neutral color palette with the use of selected materials that reflect the Matahari’s sustainability plans.


Rachel Stack, Matahari's Chief Merchandising Officer stated " Over the past few years, we've been committed to offering our customers everyday wear that enriches their lives and prioritizes comfort. SUKO exemplifies our dedication to this mission by providing a brand that not only meets but exceeds our customers' expectations."

Strategically placed inside Matahari stores across Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Semarang, Bandung, Medan, Yogyakarta, Makassar and other cities in Indonesia, SUKO is already available in 20 stores, with 14 additional stores to be opened by Q4 2023. This expansion allows SUKO to reach a wider range of customers and fulfill its mission to provide high-quality clothing to more consumers.


Tommy Indra, Matahari's VP of Merchandising for special projects, The name "SUKO", derived from a fusion of Japanese and Indonesian, is inspired by the word "SUKA," which translates as "liking" or "something we like" The SUKO brand name reflects Matahari's commitment to creating label products that bring happiness, and a sense of fun to customers.


“SUKO collections are also carefully designed to meet the challenges of tropical weather in Indonesia. Premium tech materials such as Supima Cotton, known for its durability, color retention against discoloration is a mainstay. Quick Dry technology, which dries 2x faster than other Cotton and equipped with odor control makes SUKO perfect for all seasons that often occur in Indonesia. Soft-Touch ensures smooth texture, wrinkle and irritation resistance, providing a comfortable dressing experience. SUKO is committed to continuous improvement to ensure that customers get affordable and high-quality products that can enhance their daily lives”. continued Tommy


As Matahari continues to evolve and expand its fashion assortment, the debut of SUKO represents a significant stride in aligning with minimalist wear trends and creating brands that resonate with its diverse customer base. This venture underscores Matahari's dedication to not only cater to customers' fashion preferences but also to help them cultivate an enhanced sense of well-being through their clothing choices.


Through the creation of SUKO, Matahari is in full control of production, from the selection of the best raw materials to the implementation of very strict quality control. This approach ensures that every product bearing the SUKO label is a testament to excellence and a reflection of Matahari’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


SUKO marks Matahari's entry into a new market segment and is in line with the company's strategic plan to expand beyond conventional sales. The introduction of SUKO signifies Matahari's determination to enhance the consumer experience and reposition the brand in a way that resonates with the modern consumer.


Matahari is proud to present the SUKO collection, setting a new standard for high quality, fashionable and comfortable clothing for customers in Indonesia, as an expression of Matahari's commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction and transformative retail experiences.