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Reducing Energy Use

Energy-efficient LED lighting is used in all our outlets. Starting in 2013, LED lighting was installed in all new stores, and all existing stores have now been retrofitted. Our investment in LED lighting yielded a 50% reduction in electricity consumption in our large format stores as well as annual savings of approximately 35,000,000 kWh per year, or the equivalent of 24,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year*). An additional benefit of LED lighting is that it creates a more comfortable store ambience for our customers.
*)note: Faktor emisi karbon 0,6857 kg CO2/kWh/Carbon emission factor of 0.6857 kg CO2/kWh

Managing Waste

The damaging impact of plastic waste on the environment is an increasingly critical global problem, and it is particularly acute in Indonesia. In recognition of this challenge, Matahari switched to biodegradable plastic bags as long ago as 2011. However, given that these bags can still take years to break down, in 2018 Matahari took the initiative of introducing a plastic-free bag made from cassava starch. These bags, which still bear the distinctive Matahari logo, are 100% biodegradable and safe for animals if accidentally ingested. We continued to roll out the cassava-based bags to stores across the country in 2019.
Waste management at our stores and distribution centres is handled in collaboration with third parties. We strive to ensure that such partners comply with the prevailing regulations by, for example, requesting information about their waste management methods, in particular regarding recycling, composting, incineration, disposal to landfill, special storage, and so on.