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We are committed to ensuring that all our employees are provided with healthy, safe and comfortable working conditions; an inclusive environment where everyone enjoys equal protection and treatment, and access to training and development opportunities. In delivering this commitment, Matahari complies with local and national laws and regulations on employment and working conditions, including the provisions on statutory minimum wages, holidays and holiday allowance, overtime, social security and health insurance. The Company’s policies and practices on employment are discussed in more detail in the Human Resources section of Annual Report 2019.

Workplace Health and Safety

To ensure a safe, healthy and secure workplace for our employees, we have installed safety devices such as sprinkler systems, fire alarms and fire extinguishers in every store and distribution centre, and provided clear signage for emergency exits and stairs. In every store and distribution centre, there is a designated area where staff or customers who feel unwell can rest. We also ensure that staff are well-prepared to take care of their own and colleagues or customers’ safety in case of emergencies. Store-based staff participate in regular safety briefings and fire drills organized by the management of the mall or shopping centre where the store is located, while employees at our distribution centres and in the logistics operation receive regular safety briefings. Every year, several distribution centre staff undergo First Aid training provided by SOS International.

Safety Record

No Matahari employees in any of our stores, distribution centres or support centres were involved in any work-related accidents in 2019, thus ensuring another clean safety record for the Company.

Other Employment Practices

Information related to other employment practices, including gender equality and employment opportunities, employee turnover rates, remuneration, labour issues and grievance mechanisms are discussed in the Human Resources section of Annual Report 2019.