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Consumer Health and Safety

We apply strict standards to all our stores to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. Every outlet meets local safety standards and regulations and is equipped with fire alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. Access to emergency exits and stairs is clearly displayed, and we undertake regular inspections to ensure that there are no potential safety hazards. Store layouts are designed with customer comfort and safety in mind, and in all stores we ensure that customer bathrooms, fitting rooms and prayer rooms are always clean and properly maintained. Product safety is another high priority. We take strict measures to verify that the merchandise we sell, particularly products intended for children and infants, is safe to use. We undertake a quality assurance check on all products before placing them in stores. Moreover, all the baby products sold in Matahari stores have been certified by the national quality standards authority, SNI. However, in spite of these efforts, customers may on occasion find a defect in a product purchased from Matahari. We have therefore covered all our products with warranty and guarantee policies. In the interests of the safety of our customers and employees, we closed a number of stores at various times during the campaign period ahead of the 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections, if there were large demonstrations in the vicinity of the store.

Product Information

All of our products, particularly baby products and cosmetics, are clearly labelled with information (where relevant) about components, ingredients, method of use, expiry dates and impacts. Where needed, safety information is displayed clearly on the product packaging (if any) and/or on the product itself. Products sold through are accompanied by a complete product description. If required, further information can be obtained via our customer service channels. We also disseminate general information about new products, promotions and offers through our online platforms, on television and radio, on banners, and in brochures and booklets.

Customer Complaint Mechanisms

Ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our products and services is a high priority for Matahari. Our exchange policy allows customers to exchange certain goods for similar products within 7 days of purchase, or within 14 days for products purchased online.

We welcome feedback, complaints, constructive suggestions and requests for information about Matahari’s products and services, our stores,, Matahari Rewards or any of our promotions. These can be conveyed through any of our customer service channels below:

  • › In store customer service desks in all Matahari stores during store opening hours;
  • › Halo Matahari customer call centre, which can be reached at (021) 1500038 from 08.00 to 22.00, Monday-Sunday. All calls are received by trained customer service operators;
  • › Email to
  • › Directly through the Matahari website,
  • › Through our social media accounts:
    • Facebook : Matahari
    • Twitter : @gayamatahari
    • Instagram : @storyofmatahari
    • YouTube : MATAHARI
    • Line : Matahari Dept. Store

Customer queries and complaints are addressed initially by the customer service operator. If they cannot be resolved immediately, they are forwarded to the relevant department for follow-up. All customer feedback is logged and used to guide improvements in the quality of our products and service